Benjamin Koditschek

Kin HR

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Kin HR is an online human resources management tool, created by We Are Mammoth, Inc. The system is intended to beautify and streamline HR tasks, such as onboarding employees, handling time off requests, and securely managing employee information. Kin is premised on the concept that everyone is at the workplace is part of a family — hence the name. The system is organized around a two-sided interface – Teal for employees, and Purple for employers and hr management. The teal employee side is fairly limited, only presenting an employee’s own data, and exposing some of their team member’s non-sensitive data. The purple management is more expansive, providing vision of all employee info and activity.


I worked on the kin interface for a year, taking a sketchy concept through to the product’s first shipment, and well beyond. I honed the visual Interface, created custom iconography, and helped shape the user experience. By then end of my time at We are Mammoth, I was responsible for the look of every inch of the app.