Benjamin Koditschek

SPI website







I helped found The Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry (SPI) a few years ago. In 2014, with a growing membership, and an official 501c3 licence, the organization had outgrown the temporary website I had initially put together. The new site aims to clearly communicate the SPI’s various projects and activities, and help build community support.


The design is informed by two aspects of the SPI brand, that I have been developing for a few years while. In 2013, I designed a logo for the organization, which combines the blue flower of inspiration and infinite desire with the ‘eye of reason’. I have also made a number of posters for the organization, featuring stark, yet playful typographic combinations. The emergent identity’s type-centric approach is premised on the dual nature of language, as both clear communication, and distorted trickery.